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chapter 1: like omg we're bff's!
chapter 2: backstreet's back alright!
chapter 3: vroom vroom
chapter 4: anything goes winna
chapter 5: a walking injury pays the price
chapter 6: jana-cabana
chapter 7: like a rockstar
chapter 8: three strikes and you're tennessee
chapter 9: the eminem wannabe named mike
chapter 10: "so what" by pink, my national anthem

Chapter 1: Like OMG we’re BFF’s!

Waiting impatiently on the first day of school can be nerve-wrecking. There seems to be a list of worries that travel fifty miles an hour through the tiny head of a four year old preschool child. From a distance in the cornfields, I could see a banana colored box approaching closer and closer towards the yield sign I stood behind. I climbed upon the school bus, pondering on whom I should sit next to. I looked to the second seat to the left, and there was a girl with honey blonde hair up in a pony-tail; a scrunchie complimenting the style back in the day. Jessica Homan was the name of the girl, and in a heartbeat, we became best friends. All throughout our childhood years, the two partners in crime participated in ‘lil’ cheerleaders, girl scouts, and whatever we could get our hands on to be together. Once high school crept up, our involvement with one another got difficult. Different classes were taken and the varieties of extra-curricular activities put an empty space between us. I was heavily involved with sports, music, and art projects, while she kept her schedule busy with student council and church groups. A selection of life lessons have approached us in ways nobody would want to experience. For example, feeling ignored because another person has taken your place of being the best friend. As time goes by, one must realize that we all have different friendship circles. It’s finally our senior year. Jessica and I still have struggles with communication, but we are occupied with school activities, going to work, other friends, and having a special someone by our side. All of this doesn’t mean anything to us. We go through life as it’s presented and there isn’t a moment that passes by that I regret the way events have gone between us. Jess and I are best friends forever and we’re so close that we have conquered as one family. I love Jessica as if she were my biological sister and the best is yet to come in the future for us, whether it happens this weekend or after graduation; she’s only a text message away if we need to re-connect with each other.

Chapter 5: A Walking Injury Pays the Price
i got owies in tennessee

A razor-back shirt with the number four symbol on the back, and Princeville Lightning logo on the front, I standing on first base with chalk powder and dirt covering the bag; this girl is ready to steal second base. Coach gives me the steal sign, and once the pitcher releases the ball, I zoom on ahead to second base. As I slide into the bag, the second basemen steps in front and tries to tag me before I can lay a finger on the base. The umpire shouts that I’m safe, but I can’t seem to move my right leg; it feels paralyzed. Unfortunately, I made the stupid decision to keep running.
Once I was directed to see an orthopedic, his first recommendation was getting an MRI, and then he suggested that I should have surgery. Heck no, that wasn't going to happen, but I had to wear a knee brace every day except for when I went to bed. I wanted to push mute on the doctor when he said ‘you can’t play volleyball this season, and you’re out of physical education for the first semester.’ “Say what, say what?!” were the only words that came out of my mouth. From then on, I went through therapy and played softball during the school season and summer.

So how’s everything going now that I’m able to play sports? I sure don’t have to wear a knee brace over my jeans again or miss out on another volleyball season. I have more strength in my right knee and had a very successful summer with my softball team. Recently, I’ve noticed my knee locking up and having a sore, tight feeling whenever it rains or snows outside, or when I’m in the shower. I developed arthritis back in October. This factor will not keep me away from staying physically active, but the experience I went through helped me become a more determined athlete.

Chapter 9- My Eminem wannabe named Mike =] 41465_555386784_2094_n.jpg
Pen names such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg give you a hint of someone who happens to make my world go round. As silly as this may seem, friends, family, and co-workers call this Eminem wannabe, Mikeyy Mike. The story behind it is unknown to society, but it sure is catchy, and you will find this displayed on social networks he is involved in.
This Eminem-lover happens to be my boyfriend, and a best friend I cherish every day. August 7th, 2010 was the saved date marked on my calendar. The polos and jeans that sit a little below his waist shouldn’t cause him to be poorly judged. The loving and caring person he is wins my heart along with the butterflies that flutter inside my stomach. Personally, I know I don’t show emotions very well and have a hard time expressing feelings towards others. Sometimes, words should be left unsaid and be replaced with actions. Hearts that rhythmically beats like a heartbeat, pop out of my eyes when someone speaks of him. No living species out in the world would know how much this guy really means to me. It's sad to say, but I’ve never dated a guy past two months. Either I have a problem with the other person, or it turns out to be a mutual break-up, so obviously I’ve have a bumpy road in the past few “bathroom breaks”.
I am currently happy with the person I have beside me, but never take the time to realize what I truly am thankful for. I’ve been a lucky duck, along with becoming a different “BDreezee”. I have made myself true to school, working two jobs, and the love of my life with it all balancing out pretty well. The friendship circle still needs some tweaks and a little elbow grease, but I’m sure it’ll work out perfectly fine. I couldn’t ask for a better senior year knowing that I have someone that will be sitting on the bleachers rooting for me. My boyfriend has given me three wake up calls that include having patience, believing everything will work out sooner or later, and lastly, happiness comes in different packages; my all time favorite. I know whatever he shares with me, I will be happy and nothing could keep me inside on a rainy day. I have my Mr. Right.
I am content. =-]

1. Where were you born?
I was born in Peoria, Illinois, when it used to be pleasant. These days, you have to use the buddy system to go to the mall, for example. Then my parents and I lived in a humble, little apartment on Florence Avenue in Pekin. A few more months go by and next thing you know, we’re in a cornfield. It’s everybody’s dream town.
2. How do you feel right now?
The best way any high school student can describe how they feel right now is blah. There are teenagers’, including myself, that use the excuse, “Ugh! It’s Monday!” And it wonderfully describes that oneself does not want to drag their lazy body out of bed to go to school. Except I feel like this everyday.
3. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
This question should have popped up about four months ago when my designated car was still purring. (personification) I have quite the variety of cars I’ve been using since December, but I can say that I’ve been using my grandpa’s truck going on for three months now. His truck is a 1996 Dodge Ram, which happens to gurgle gas generously. (alliteration) The first semester, I had a 1998 Oldsmobile Achieva, but now it’s in the vehicle hospital. Fortunately, my dad has gently passed down his 2001 Buick Century for me, but I have yet to cruise on Main Street in “Downtown Glasford”.
4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ten years ago was the first click I had the desire of becoming an elementary teacher. The kids puking in a can is something I don’t look forward to, but the satisfaction I feel knowing that I’m helping this little girl to become a lawyer or this little boy to become a pilot is rewarding. I can see myself behind a desk waiting for the smelly, noisy children to rush in the classroom like a big gust of wind. (simile) Note to self: bring a bottle of Febreeze.
5. I can’t live without?
Taco Bell. This fast food restaurant is pure joy to my taste buds. If I had the bulging muscles, I would hike the Taco Bell restaurant over my shoulders and bring it to my bedroom. (hyperbole) I can eat pretty much anything off of their widely select menu of fake Mexican food. yummy. =]
6. What’s your biggest flaw?
I remember on the Amanda Bynes Show where she was “The Procrastinator”, but I still never understood what that extremely long word meant. Middle school just so happened to make procrastination glisten brightly off of my skin. (imagery) For example, making up excuses on how my homework never fully got completed because of this reason that wasn't well thought out, or how someone took it out of my notebook. I still continue to do tasks to the last minute, and it seems like I’ve become quite the professional of that nature.
7. When your phone rings, who do you want it to be?
To be safe, I want to say seeing my boyfriend’s picture pop onto my cell phone screen. I love talking about how boring my day was and this funny commercial I just saw on my television. I make sure I include my boyfriend as a part of this question because he reads my page sometimes and I'll be darned if I didn't. For the second part, I have to say Matthew McConaughey. He is one gorgeous looking dude that stole my heart from watching The Wedding Planner. If you read my Wikispace Matthew, please look me up in the phonebook….seriously. =]
8. What’s your favorite toy or game you played as a kid?
Back on 9th street in Glasford, the Hartman kids, my sister and I would stay outdoors until the streets lights turned on. That’s the signal for all five of us to play Cops and Robbers. Randi and I were the cops, Tori was the bailiff, Walker was the robber trying to get my sister, Katy, out of jail. This game went on for a couple hours every night until our moms screamed, “It’s time to come in!” Darn it. See you guys tomorrow after school.
9. Describe your best friend.
Jessica Rose is the giggle bunny between us two. She brightens up my day when I don’t feel like acknowledging anyone. She loves fashion, the color pink, has sparkling blue eyes, a shiny smile, and surpasses as a big teddy bear that I can cling to. We’ve known each other since we were munchkins and every day that goes by I feel a blessing that has been added onto my life. Currently, we’re fixing up a few cracks in our friendship by reconnecting with one another. Welcome back.
10. Who is the cartoon character you most resemble? Explain your similarities.
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob Squarepants. I love this yellow square. One trait we share is being silly. I love to make people laugh and smile even though they say they don’t feel like it. It’s what I do every day that makes me a happy gal. Secondly, I’m an airhead. SpongeBob and I are in the same boat and there are many times where we don’t fully understand specific details. If I don’t understand the joke, then I’ll be confused and wonder what it actually meant for an hour. I appreciate Nickelodeon for making a cartoon who can understand what I go through. The jokes SpongeBob makes on his show are actually funny, but this show is made for kids younger than me. I think this is a call for help, Brittney….

Michelle (Mickie) Pulpin
Born in New Bern, North Carolina. Lives with her parents and her little brother, Eli on 143 N.Shores Blvd. in New Bern. Mickie has many friends for her age, but her best friend is Elsa Bullard, who lives across the street from Mickie. Mickie and Elsa both are in second grade and attends Salty Shores Elementary.

Age: 8
Height: 4' 2"
Weight: 62 lbs
Body type: Mickie has a small, and slender body for a child.
Face type: baby faced
Complexion: cream colored skin with a few tiny freckles.
Eyes: when Mickie wears bright colored clothes, her eyes turn ice blue that shimmers. when she wears dark colored clothing her eyes turn into a midnight blue with a starlit twinkle.
Hair: shoulder length strawberry blonde hair.
Clothing: Shops at GAP kids, which has a comfy, relaxed style to it.
Speaking: She's a kid so her grammar isn't too well put together, but after her long story, she gets to the point.
Demeanor: Mickie is fiesty towards her little brother, of course, but she's sweet and endearing to others.
Prejudice: Thinks a person is mentally ill if they do not like sour gummy worms.
Best Qualities: helpful, chipper, energetic, always has a smile on her face
Worst Qualities: doesn't always do what she is told to do, and sometimes talks back to her parents.
Weaknesses: sour gummy worms and watching Garfield everyday after school
Hobbies: likes to play soccer and hopscotch
Talents: Mickie is the champion jump roper in her school.