Creative Writing Wiki Assignments:

1/20/11 - Memoir Entry #1
Using your brainstormed materials (i.e. Life Chart, Roundtable, Chapter Titles, or any previous portfolio assignment), choose a topic to write about. The topic you choose must meet three requirements:
1. It must focus on one specific event and/or person.
2. The event and/or person must evoke a strong emotion in you.
3. The event and/or person being described must illustrate something about you as a person.

Once you've chosen your topic, begin writing your Memoir Entry in a Word Document. It should only be transfered to the Creative Writing Wiki once it's in final draft form.

Rough drafts are due when you come to class next time (1/24/11)

Final draft of Memoir Entry #1 wiki entries should be accompanied by an appropriate picture or graphic with a creative caption.

1/24/11 Memoir Entry #2

Turn in Memoir entry #1 and begin on entry #2. Choose entry #2 based on your Life Chapter titles. Both entries should be submitted by the beginning of the hour next time. Edited final drafts should be added to wiki pages along with appropriate pictures and/or graphics. (See Mrs. Coulter's Page for detailed examples.)

1/26/11 Open Letter Assignment

While you are patiently waiting for Mrs. Coulter to return your edited memoir entries, you may work on adding your life chapter titles to your wiki page. Once you have your TWO edited memoir entries revised, please put them on the wiki, too, and add an appropriate pic/graphic to accompany each.

When you've finished posting your memoir entries (or while you're waiting on the revision process), you should work on your Open Letter Assignment (posted below).

1/28/11 I love you/I hate you....

While we continue to work on posting edited memoir entries to the wiki, you should work on finishing your open letter from last time. Once you have it in its final draft form, you will be writing a second open letter. This one should be the exact opposite of your last letter. If you already wrote about a person/object you loved, this time you should write about one you hate. Or vice versa. The point is to creatively express your feelings (with hyperbole, or exaggeration) for your topic. So, think over the top. Have both letters ready for submission (in completle final draft form) when you come to class next time.

2/7/11 Snowday Recovery

Due to lack of A days, your snow-blind teacher has completely lost track of what is actually supposed to be due. Therefore, you will reap the rewards today. You will have time to finish/edit/put in final draft form your TWO open letters. You should have one that displays your love for something and one that displays your hatred (in a comical form). Please have both of those final drafts turned in by the end of today. You should also make any and all corrections to both of your memoir peices and have them posted on your wiki -- with pictures/graphics.

Open Letters AND completed Wiki posting MUST be finished by the end the hour. No exceptions.

Once you have all of that complete, you may begin on the Poetry and Imagery Assignment.

2/9/11 Imagery and the Found Poem

Today you will need to turn in the imagery assignment from last time and start on today's Found Poem Assignment (attached below).

Final draft copies of found poems, complete with title, are due when you come to class next time.

2/11/11 Poetry Workshop Begins

For the next few class periods, you will be immersed in poetry. The end product will be a poetry portfolio that includes multiple examples of your attempts at writing poetry. Some poems will be good, some won't. But, you have to TRY THEM ALL! On some days you'll be working on one specific poem, and on other days you'll be assigned more than one and allowed to work at your own pace. Final drafts of ALL poems will be due at the end of this poetry workshop, so you won't be turning in assignments everyday. However, you are responsible for keeping up with the demanding schedule and producing a complete poetry portfolio (for a large grade) at the end of this unit.

Today is a two poem day. Work on whichever one inspires you.

The If…Then Poem
If something significant changed your life, then what are your feelings about it? Or if something were to happen to you, then what would your feelings be about that event? For this assignment, you will need to put yourself in an if…then situation and express your feelings in poetic form. For instance, if you were three inches tall, then what would your life be like? If you could go back in time to give the you of your past some advice, then what would you say? If you were a superhero, then how would you use your powers? If you could have another chance to talk to someone who has passed away, then what would you say? If you could finally give someone a piece of your mind, then what would you say?

  • Assignment: First, decide on your if…then situation. Second, start jotting a description of the “if” and some examples that will illustrate the “then.” If you're need some inspiration, visit this website:

  • If…Then Poem Requirements:
    • Must use specific and detailed description. IMAGERY! Show don’t tell!
    • Must display at minimum of two poetic devices.
    • Must be a minimum of twenty lines.

2/11/11 Magnetic Poetry Poem

Follow the link below and attempt to create a magenetic poem by arranging word tiles into lines of verse. When you feel your poem is complete, you will then need to type up a version of the magnetic poem and save it in a Word document. Your magnetic poem must be a minimum of 10 lines, and it must have a theme or main idea. No lazy random word groupings allowed!

2/15/11 Poetry Workshop

Complete Poetry Warm Up #1 (attached below), and copy the final draft of the poem you create into your portfolio as assignment #13.

Read through Haikuology handout (also attached below) and complete 10 haikus.

2/17/11 Poetry Workshop

Parody Poem - Read the poem "This is Just to Say" by William Carlos Williams, and also read the parodied versions of it. Write your own parody of Williams' poem. Your version should be in the form of an apology and should adhere to the format of the original. Handout attached below.

2/23/11 Poetry Workshop

Use the attached handout to write TWO sensory poems. One should focus on a specific place and the other on a specific person. There is a very detailed formula that you must use for each poem, so pay special attention to the directions on the handout.

Sidenote: Make sure you're keeping up with the rigorous pace of this poetry workshop! Poems you should have completed so far include:
  • Found Poem
  • If/Then Poem
  • Magnetic Poetry Poem
  • Haikus (10)
  • Parody Poem
  • Sensory Poems (Person, Place)

2/25/11 Survey Says....
Start today by editing your portfolio (if needed) and adding final draft copies of your poems to it. Resubmit your portfolio once this is finished, and then complete the following assignment:

Choose 10 of the questions listed below and answer them on your own wiki page. Your answers to these questions should meet the following requirements:

  • You must answer 10 questions.
  • Each answer MUST be a minimum of three sentences long.
  • No clichés or overused language allowed! Find interesting and unique ways to describe.
  • You must use, highlight, and label examples of ALL of the following:
    • Personification
    • Simile
    • Alliteration
    • Hyperbole
    • Imagery

Questions to choose from:
1. Where were you born?
2. How do you feel right now?
3. Is your room/house clean?
4. Look around. Describe what you see.
5. What kind of vehicle do you drive (or if you don’t have a vehicle what kind do you wish you drove)?
6. What do you want to be when you grow up?
7. What noises do you hear right now.
8. I can’t live without ___.
9. What’s your biggest flaw?
10. When the phone rings who do you want it to be?
11. What’s the most memorable moment of your life?
12. You’re on death row and you get to choose your last meal. Describe your choice.
13. Describe your favorite toy or game you played as a kid.
14. Do you believe that everyone deserves a second chance? Why or why not?
15. If abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive? Explain.
16. Describe your best friend.
17. Who is the cartoon character that you most resemble? Explain the similarities.

3/1/11 Person Poem

You will be given VIP access to another student's compilation of creative writing. After you've sifted through their memoir entries and survey questions on the wiki, and browsed through their portfolios entries and poetry, it will be your job to capture the essence of your assigned person in poem form. Specific details of the assignment are available in the handout below.

3/7/11 The Final Poetry Assignment

Complete your Concrete Poem (see handout below for specific directions), and add it to the final draft copies of your other poems.

All poems that we've done so far should be complied in final draft form. You will be submitting TWO packets next time WHEN YOU ENTER THE ROOM (Translation: Have both ready to go when you come to class.)

1. You will submit a complete portfolio to Mrs. Coulter that contains ALL the poetry you've written for this poetry unit. The portfolio should include final draft copies of each of your poems (see list), and they should be bound together and presented with a creative cover page that displays both your name and some sort of representation of the themes you've explored in your poetry collection.

Poems that should be included and submitted in completed portfolio:
  • Found Poem
  • If/Then Poem
  • Magnetic Poetry Poem
  • Haikus (10)
  • Parody Poem
  • Sensory Poems (Person)
  • Sensory Poem (Place)
  • Concrete poem

2. You will also submit an edited version of your poetry portfolio. What that means is that you'll read through all of your poems and decide which FOUR are your very best. Those four will be submitted for critical review by your peers. The four you choose should be in final draft form, but no cover page is required.

3/9/11 Poetry Sharing

Today you will turn in a copy of your complete poetry portfolio to Mrs. Coulter, and share your edited version with your peers. Students will vote on classmates' "Best Poem Ever."

After shared reading of poetry, you will be required to submit TWO pieces of your work to the publication Teen Ink. You may choose ANY writing that you've done in the last semester, whether it's prose or poetry.

Visit the website below and follow some simple instructions to get started.

3/11/11 - Teen Ink Submissions

Make sure you have made TWO submissions to the Teen Ink website (see link above).

3/15/11 - Creating Characters

You will be creating two characters today. Both characters will be based on different criteria (provided by your teacher), and you will be responsible for bringing your character to life by SHOWING, not telling. Both character descriptions/creations will need to be turned in by the end of the hour.

3/17/11 Techniques of Characterization

Today we will explore four techniques involved in creating believable and interesting characters. After our discussion of the four techniques, visit the following links and read the excerpts from two separate novels. Identify the techniques of characterization that are used in both excerpts.

Excerpt from Me Talk Pretty One Day
Excerpt from A Girl Named Zippy

After analyzing the excerpts above, read through the Writing Dialogue handout and begin ONE of the writing assignments outlined on that sheet.

3/22/11 Using Dialogue to Create Characters

Dialogue Comic Strip Pop Quiz!

After reviewing the rules of writing dialogue, visit the following website(s), choose a comic, and and write out the dialogue in paragraph form. Begin with a description of setting, and be sure to follow all the dialogue rules adn include dialogue tags. Print and turn in the comic strip AND your dialogue paragraph.

When you've finished with your quiz, work on completing one of the assignments from the Writing Dialogue handout. Your revised final draft copy should meet the criteria outlined in the assignment, and show that you can apply the "rules" of using dialogue. You will be graded (harshly) on your attention to the correct dialogue format.

3/24/11 Character Creation Wiki Display

Use the first part of the hour to complete today's photography inspired portfolio assignment.

After you're finished with that, complete the character profile and post it on your wiki page.

Complete the Creating Atmosphere portfolio assignment.

Make sure you're finished with your character profile AND make sure it's posted on your wiki page.

See Mrs. Coulter for character assignment and use the techniques you've learned to create an atmosphere, or setting, for your given character.

4/6/11 Short Story Pre-writing/Planning

You will be writing a short story that will be a major part of your grade for 4th quarter. Story ideas are endless, and if you're lucky you may have already written something that you could use as a base for your short story. Because we are practicing fiction for this particular unit, your grade will be largely based on your ability to use the techniques of characterization and setting creation that we've practiced over the past few class periods. So, what that means is that you will have to write a story that has an interesting main character (or characterS), as well as a well-developed setting to place him/her/them.

So, does that mean that you cannot write about something that has happened to you in your life? NO! If you have a story you'd like to tell, now is your chance to do it! Your characters, plot and setting can be absolutely fictional, or they can be based on people you know; This is not a narrative told from YOUR point of view, but it may be told from the point of view of a character who is a whole lot like you. However, the only role you can actually play in your story is that of narrator.

Before you panic, remember that this is a SHORT story. You are not writing a novel, so once you have an idea you'll need to make sure it's VERY, VERY focused. A short story doesn't usually span years, months or even weeks; the best short stories often focus only on a few moments, or at the very most, a day in the life of your character, so make sure when you are planning the plot, you take that into consideration.

Today's plan:
  • Spend some time evaluating work you've already written. Is there something that you like? A character or a setting that can be further developed into a short story? If so, USE IT! If not, is there an instance in your own life that that you could use? A time when you learned a lesson or realized something? If so, USE IT!
  • Once you have decided on an idea, complete the Short Story Starter handout. When you've answered questions 1-4 AND completed the plot chart, meet with Mrs. Coulter to discuss your plan.
  • Once you've recieved the okay from Mrs. Coulter, start your story!

*PLEASE NOTE: FINAL DRAFTS OF SHORT STORIES WILL BE DUE THURSDAY, APRIL 14th. After this week, we will NOT be spending any class time on short stories. This is due to the fact that April is National Poetry Month, and as Creative Writers we need to celebrate (and you've all whined so much about writing fiction, that I'm ready to do some more poetry to shut you up ; )

4/12/11 - 4/20/11

Happy National Poetry Month!

For the next few class periods we will be working on a series of National Poetry Month activities. All of those activities are outlined on the National Poetry Month link in the navigation bar to the left of the screen, and you, as creative writers, will be responsible for completing ALL of the activities oulined on the website. The good news is that your work will featured in a K - 12 poetry display that will take place in the library at the end of the month. I have confidence that the work our class produces will garner it's own special display area -- it's going to be that good. All of your creative assignments will be presented in class during formal presentations that will take place on Wednesday, April 20th. The projects you create over the next two weeks, coupled with your presentation of them on the 20th, will comprise a very large portion of your grade for this quarter. To help you keep track of your progress, you will be provided with a checklist of "Things to do before April 20th," and it's YOUR responsibility to have each of those items checked off by Mrs. Coulter by that time. So, take some time to read through the assignment descriptions, decide where you'd like to begin, and start the poetry celebration!

Sidenote: Final Draft short stories are due Thursday! Don't forget!*


Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!!!

What's the best thing about that poem in your pocket? It's portable! We're headed outside to share our pocket poems!

Once your short story is turned in, you'll be working on completing your poetry assignments for the remainder of the period.