Table of contents: Daniel Edwards

Chapter One: House Number Two

Chapter Two: Goodbye & Farewell

Chapter Three: Great New Places, Strange New Faces

Chapter Four: Basketball Brothers

Chapter Five: Things Aren't Always As They Seem

Chapter Six: Family Matters

Chapter Seven: Hospitals Suck!

Chapter Eight: Times Have Changed

Chapter Nine: Not So Typical Uncle

Chapter Ten: A Dream Come True

Chapter Eleven: Not So Fast

Memoir #1: Not So Typical Uncle

For me the typical summer consists of hanging out with friends, playing basketball, fishing going down to Granny’s, going down to Granny’s, and did I mention going down to Granny’s?
Summer is the time I get to share with my family down at Granny’s, this usually being David and My Uncle Bob. It seems like whenever we go down to Missouri, there are lots of laughs and lots of interesting things going down. With my uncle you should always prepare for him to get you in some odd way. This was exactly one of those moments. Now people say we’re creatures of habit and this seems to be true for us. When we travel down we go to the same gas station, get the same snacks, and hit the same restaurant. It also just so happens that I do the same thing every trip, fall asleep and wake up just in time for food and bathroom breaks. This ride down with David, my uncle, and I was no different while traveling to Missouri, just the occasion: Fourth of July. While we were down there my uncle was in touch with a childhood friend Kathee. And little did we know they had a surprise for us.
Our grandmother lives in a small town, smaller than Glasford, that hardly ever has things going on. The top news story for them during this time was the Mayor being impeached in a nearby town that has roughly 250 people on a good day. David and I usually just hung out with our friends, while our uncle was hanging out with his. His friend’s nephews were playing in a junior league for baseball. Apparently they had hatched a plan for us to meet some friends of our own, so he decided to take us to his friend’s nephew’s game. We kinda got there a little late for the game but the team won. While walking in I noticed a couple cute girls sitting in the bleachers, so of course I gave them my famous smile. Then the first thing said to us was, “hey how old are ya’ll? You gotta girlfriend? Want one?” Now those same girls I was smiling at earlier, this was their brother selling them off to be our girlfriends. We just laughed and didn’t think much of it. Our uncle proceeded to introduce us to a few friends he had made, some cool, some loud, and others a little crazy. Then while we were talking to him and his new friends, Kathee decided to play match-maker. She brought the girls up and introduced us; apparently they were too shy to introduce themselves. We went through the normal, ya know “Hi, nice to meet you I’m Daniel, this is David, and yes we are twins your eyes aren’t fooling you.”Then they decided to embarrass us, by asking if we had facebook or cell phones, saying that we should probably get together and hangout, go bowling or to the movies, the whole nine yards. I can honestly say I’ve never smiled so awkwardly and felt my face get so warm. My uncle and his friend just tried to hook me and David up! I wasn’t arguing with them because, ya know, the girls were pretty hot, but still, I would have rather done it myself, and saved myself from the embarrassment. Needless to say my uncle and his friend got a kick out of it.
With my uncle you can always expect the unexpected because he never, ever does anything you can see coming. He’s pretty much always random which makes it fun. My experiences with my uncle always teach me something; this one being do your own talking because it’s just awkward having someone else do it for you, and, on a serious note, you should try and meet new people everywhere you go, because you might just get lucky.

Memoir #2: Hospitals Suck

Pretty much all you need to know is that hospitals suck. As most of you may know my freshman year was cut short by an unexpected internal injury. Apparently my intestine was angry at me and decided to self-destruct.
My brother, uncle, father and I had all decided to go down to Missouri for our spring break “vacation.” I had recently been in the hospital for two weeks for a similar issue, so I was excited to be able to go down there, relax and have fun. We stopped at a gas-station for a much needed potty break and all of a sudden I could barely walk. I was hunched over and stumbling to the car from the gas-station because I was having horrible pain in my stomach. We were near Decatur, so to get to the Peoria OSF it was over an hour. All I remember is arriving there and being carried in by my Dad, who was extremely worried. From then on, I remember only bits and pieces; mainly things that my family has told me. For instance, it seemed we were waiting forever for the doctors and nurses to help us, and I remember the frustration that my dad had because he knew something wasn’t right at all. I was on so many medications during the first two months of being in the hospital that I didn’t even remember my grandma coming up from Missouri just to see me in the hospital for her Spring Break. Try not being able to realize the journal that all your classmates had signed, something you had read repeatedly while you were in the hospital, something you fell asleep reading, and when you saw it while moving rooms. Having no recollection of what it was. I couldn’t remember what I had for breakfast, and was so weak that taking multiple steps on my own almost made me pass out.
This experience has been the most influential thing of my short life because I missed so many family moments and times with friends. I didn’t see every one of Josh’s all-star games, his graduation, and my cousin’s graduation; I wasn’t able to play basketball during the summer, go fishing or swim with my buddies. I would never be able to laugh with my family about the strange things that happened then, tell stories about how good Josh played in his games, or tease him for something he did wrong. It’s changed my outlook on life. I realize that things should never be taken for granted because they can be taken away in an instant, or at a gas station. The things you have now could very well not be there tomorrow. You may never be able to walk, talk, or experience the joys of the people you love anymore, so they should be your number one priority, because the memories you have with them will be with you forever, regardless of if they are there or not.

Here be my wiki questions yo!

2. Right now I feel as if my foot is shattering into trillions of tremendously, tiny, terrible, tumultuous pieces. Walking is harder than riding a bike for the first time, at least then I had training wheels to guide me. The old man look of having to use one crutch that doesn’t like me just doesn’t appeal to my better nature.

4. Heads are bobbing like the sea. Mrs. Coulter is prowling the room contemplating the meal she will make for dinner and how to get her child to eat veggies, because no one likes them. People jumping from the ones in headphones that clearly have their music so loud they can’t hear themselves think so when they talk they scream for the entire school to hear.

7. My stomach is grumbling like a volcano. The printer is hating the world, screaming, moaning, and groaning. Half the class is yelling because they can’t hear themselves talk with their headphones on; Apparently they really, really, really need to get their point across, it’s a matter of life and death.

12. If I was on death row I would go all out. Steak, sweet potato, mac-and-cheese, homemade potato chips, Lemonade, and mountain-dew. For desert I would be sure to have homemade apple pie and strawberry cobbler. Then I would probably go for some barbeque, ribs, chicken and pulled pork. Gosh, it would be the best meal ever.

9. My biggest flaw…. Honestly I don’t have one I’m perfect. Not really I would have to say procrastination and patience. I have no patience what so ever especially when I am getting annoyed, its not going to happen. But procrastination is pretty much laziness because I really would rather not want to do it. Take these questions, too lazy to do them and didn’t want to so I procrastinated until class to do it.

15. okay in my present condition I wouldn’t be able to survive in the wilderness. Broke foot and what not, probably not going to happen. But if I were in good health, I’m pretty sure I would survive; as long as I had a house, food, drink, a stove, fridge, and all that. In all seriousness though I’m pretty resourceful and strong-minded, two key qualities to have when your stranded.

5. I drive a black 2000 Pontiac Grandam that I got from my grandmother. She hooked me up with some wheels. It’s not in the best condition the a/c is pretty terrible, CD player doesn’t work and wiring for the lights occasionally likes to do its own thing.

13. My favorite childhood toy/game was hungry, hungry hippo I was pretty much a beast. If they made it an Olympic game at that time I would have won, I’m just that good. It was a great accomplishment for me to always beat David in it.

17. Cartoon character for me would be Bugs Bunny, minus the ears and liking of carrots. He always struck me as a funny, sophisticated, and ornery. That pretty much sums me up I would say.

18. I was born in the seat of a subway. Not to glorious I’d say. Actually I was born in OSF in the maternity wing with after my brother that’s more exciting.

Manuel Jenkins
Born in Kansas, he is the youngest of several children. Being the youngest he thinks he gets the short end of the stick, his siblings get the freedom while he has to stay at home and basically entertain the 'rents. But when he does get out is when he really shows. The life of the party, and the jester of the group, him and his friends never cease to have fun despite the fact they aren't doing it the traditional 17 year old way. His hometown of Claflin, Kansas is small cozy and heard about by noone.
He's lean, wirey, has semi-large feet, and looks pretty goofy. His small but slender frame don't help him because his body just seems unproportioned, yet he always wears a clever and huge grin. Did i mention his head? well when i say unproportioned i mean it. His face is plump, chubby cheeks, circle head, make it seem as if he should be a new collection to mister stremmels pez collection. He has shiny dark blues eyes, regardless of the situation there is always a twinkle, something that makes you feel jolly. With curly, rusty, red hair he dresses to impress, because after all someone has to. Suits, ties, button ups, slacks, and khakis. When he doesn't feel like "dressing up", flashy colors are his thing. The center of attention his all his, but not in a bad sort of way just to the point where no matter what he ends up doing something worth a smile, laugh, or plain shake of the head its so odd. Drawing, painting, photography, thats is stress ball. He loves to help out, so being sincere is his motto. You have to give respect to get it is another way for him to live his life. Despite his outgoing, helpful, respectful personality he gets quite irritable. I guess dynamite really does come in small packages. He loves to talk and goof around but sometimes it goes to far so he gets into situations, but with his grin and clever speaking he usually squirms his way to a positve outcome. whatever you do don't touch his hair. If you like explosions and big bangs maybe you should, otherwise its not your way to go.