Gynger's Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A crazy blonde and a laid back autobody guy
Chapter 2: No shoes, no worries
Chapter 3: Straight A's? I think not.
Chapter 4: Aren't old people supposed to go bald?
Chapter 5: A turn for the worse
Chapter 6: The green machine
Chapter 7: Sneaking out, laying on the dam & the news that it would never happen again
Chapter 8: Welcome to your new life
Chapter 9: Someone to hold my hand
Chapter 10: So much for senior year
Chapter 11: Grandma Wanny <3


A Turn for the Worse

You know that end of the year feeling where summer is so close everyone has senioritis? 3:15 can’t come soon enough and you find yourself getting your books together thirty minutes before school is even out. Finally the bell rings and you’re out the door ASAP. Alec’s step-dad had let Alec borrow his truck for the day so he gave Leslie and me a ride home. Well, being excited (and teenagers) we were speeding and messing around with Bryce and his brother Mason who were in front of us. There’s not exactly a lot of traffic around here so on Maple Ridge road Alec drove up next to Bryce attempting to race him. We raced for awhile with country music cranked up, thinking nothing of it.
Bryce would get in front of us, and then Alec would get back in front of him. It was just a relieving feeling to be out of school on a Friday night so we were all excited. Once things had sort of settled down and we started driving normally again, we came upon a very sharp turn that had a speed limit sign of 10 mph. Alec, Leslie, and I were in front at this point and looked over to our left and saw Bryce to start to speed up, I guess he didn’t realize how sharp the turn really was. Turns out, he was going 55 mph as he was trying to turn. We still had the radio on and were busy talking and laughing when things took a turn for the worst. I looked in the rear view mirror and all I saw was Bryce’s new black blazer flipping in mid air, feet from the ground. There was no time to waste so I jumped out of the passenger’s seat and sprinted back to the car faster than I ever have before. This was a different circumstance, this time things were different. As I got closer the blazer hit the ditch and was completely on the driver’s side. Now my adrenaline kicks in, all I remember is jumping up on top of the blazer and ripping open the passenger door to see Bryce’s brother Mason covered in blood and broken glass from the windshield.
Since I was so shaken up, I began pulling with all my might on his arm trying to rip him up onto the side of the blazer. He cried and shook his head and I remember hearing him mumble, “I can’t.” That’s when I realized how serious this was. I started yelling for Bryce, some response, just please say something I kept thinking to myself. Finally Bryce crawled out the broken windshield and helped me pull Mason out of the passenger door. I remember him freaking about his dad finding out and how much trouble he would be in. By this time Alec and Leslie had made their way to the accident. Other people that were leaving school thankfully called the police. Mason and Bryce were out of the car, safe. I think it hit all of us immediately how stupid we were acting and what the consequences could have been. We all talked and tried to figure out what we would tell the police. This was a whole new situation for all of us, and hopefully a onetime experience.
Being a very small town, news went fast and a farmer down the road came and flipped the blazer back over for us along with lots of friends that stopped to see if everyone was okay. In some ways this accident brought everyone together and made people realize they need to think about their actions first. Mason ended up with some cuts and a broken arm… that I caused. Apparently his seatbelt was still fastened and that’s why I couldn’t pull him out. Oops. Bryce just had cuts and bruises. And the new black blazer was totaled. But in the end, that didn’t matter. What mattered was that all of us were safe.

Grandma Wanda

Grandma Wanda is the kind of grandma that’s a grandma to everyone. She did everything right, perfect at that. She married my grandpa at eighteen, had two kids, and lived an amazing life. When she was forty, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, they caught it early and they were able to remove it with no long term issues. We thought. Three years ago when my grandma was only seventy three, we were told her cancer had become malignant and had spread into her brain. This news was crushing to me because I always pictured her at my high school graduation and wedding. The doctor said that if she had surgery she could live another year or two, so we encouraged her that it was worth the risks. Afterwards it was a huge blessing because she almost seemed back to normal. This didn’t make things better because we knew the tumor would eventually grow back but at least it gave us some time to spend with her.
Although she had to be helped in the shower, fed at mealtime, helped to get around, and she still found joy in life. I look up to her so much for that and when I hear people complain about having a headache or cramps it makes me want to explode because you never know how bad things could really be. This whole situation has really has changed the way I see life. After her surgery she was expected to live six months to a year; that was over two years ago.
Grandma was always a fighter. She never gave up and told us all that she would always be watching over us someday. Her nursing home was about forty five minutes away so it’s an all night thing to go visit her. So once I started my CNA class I would come home every night and literally do homework the whole time. Between doing homework, cheerleading games, and my school work I had no time to even think. I usually visited her on Thursdays, but naturally that one I skipped the visit because I would have been so behind. On Friday night before our pep rally, I read a text from my mom saying that grandma had died.
I knew it was coming, you just never know when it will happen. I was relieved to hear that she hadn’t suffered too much and went peacefully in her sleep, but still, it makes it hard to think about never seeing her again. I know that she wouldn’t want me to blame myself and have the guilt that I feel for skipping that one night… but it’s hard not to. I had a test Friday morning so I had to study, right? But if I could’ve just put down my books for a few hours and spent her last night with her it would have given me some sort of closure. No test is worth as much as she was to me.

How do you feel right now?
Today the papers are about to whirl around my head as they plaster to the walls chanting at me the mile-long list of to-do’s I have yet to accomplish like a nagging mom seems to always do at the most hopeless times. (Simile) Forty-four minutes until I’m out of this place until Monday. But 2,640 seconds seem like a hearty lifetime and too far away from a nap.

Is your room clean?
The tank tops, jeans, and socks make it hard to tell how underneaths are looking. But once I scatter through the puppy toys, book and papers, unoccupied laundry basket, tissues, and numerous glasses of who knows what, I’ll let you know. Sometimes you just have to hide everything in the washer to spare some time. Not many know about my strange addiction with spotlessly speed (alliteration) cleaning but most wouldn’t believe it these days as it looks like I’ve been pretty happy lately.

What’s your biggest flaw?
I guess some people might possibly, maybe, some days, say that I’m a tiny, teensy bit stubborn. I can think back to years ago to things people have said that have rubbed me the wrong way, things people have done I didn’t agree with, and things people have talked about that shouldn’t have been talked about. I can forgive, but I’ll never forget. I guess I should let go of things… easier said than done.

Do you believe that everyone deserves a second chance? Why or why not?
Not everyone realizes their mistakes well enough to deserve a second chance. Some people do own up to what they did wrong and work to try and make things better. But some wait until the lies trap them utterly until they’re no longer able to organize the thoughts in their mind and it’s hard to decipher right from wrong. (Imagery) It’s easy to fall for someone who says sorry and that they won’t do it again.

You’re on death row and you get to choose your last meal. Describe your choice.
Your know when you take out some cheesy lasagna and your mouth is watering and you get that WHERE IS A FORK feeling? Well I pretty much have that all the time. I would pray there's no limit to the amount of courses first of all. Then I would start with some sort of sampler appetizer with wings, onion rings, fries, nachos covered in cheese and bacon bits. Then I would start to dream about the parmesian garlic wings from Buffalo Wild Wings and the quadruple cheeseburger I was about to take down. Got to have a rootbeer and chocolate peanut butter shake on the side. Then right before I burst I would get steaming broccoli and chicken covered in some more cheese. Then to top it off some chocolate cake/brownie mixture with fudge and ice cream.

Where were you born?
I was born at OSF in Peoria, IL on March 9, 1993. It seems kind of ironic there's where I first came into this world and that's where I plan to spend most of my life, being a nurse in the OB/GYN unit. I guess life's funny like that.

Descibe your favorite game or toy as a kid.
Might sound a little like an old fashioned grandpa right now but with all these electronic games that require batteries and are so confusing you actually have to read the directions are dumb. Things never work like they’re supposed to and just end up frustrating you. You can’t go wrong with a board and some marbles, manacala all the way. Simplicity all the way, you run out of marbles in a hole, you lose. I can remember when Audrey and I would play for hours in the grass and her sister would get winner then we would switch. Good they thing they never mastered the “keep one marble in your hand just in case at all times” trick.

If abandoned in the wildness, would you survive?
At first I would pretty much be in heaven. Just to be away from everyone and outside would be an amazing feeling. Then I would realize I HAVE NO FOOD. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t kill a bird and cook it on a fire or anything like that so hopefully I brought my purse on this escapade cause there’s always a few fiber bars and waters.

I can’t live without ­­­­­­­­?
Chocolate. I mean who could go without chocolate forever? That’s like missing out on the best feeling in the whole world, and not only the taste. But the “don’t worry how stressed you are or about that guy that totally screwed you over, I’m here for you.” (personification)

When the phone rings who do you want it to be?
Pretty much anyone but my mom is okay with me. Nothing against her but I mean I don’t even have to look to see whose name it is before my brain signals to me, duh it’s her again. How could it not be calling every fifteen seconds (hyperbole) to tell me how the weather is or if it’s raining and to be careful. Thanks mom but I can see that. Or the time she wouldn’t let me go out to eat with my friends because it was “too cold outside”. Really? And thanks Dad, for realizing I have some common sense.

Character Creation
Name: Hunter Lee Keeten nickname: Dusty

Biography: Hunter grew up in a little town in Breeze, Illinois. He's lived there all his life. He lived with his mom and dad, the three dogs: Bo, Luke, and Rosco, the horses: Blondie and Fierce and the cats (too many to name). They came from the country and were a good Christian family who loved and cared about each other. Hunter works at the town's bait shop with his friends. Which is pretty much everyone, he's friends with everyone. No one ever confronts him because Hunter's usually in a good mood, he's decent to everyone. He's nineteen now and doesn't know what he wants to do with his life yet, but who does at nineteen?

Age: Hunter is nineteen years old, his birthday's on July 1st.

Height: Hunter is almost 6 foot tall, not too short, not too tall.

Weight: Hunter is a thicker guy, not at all fat but doesn't exactly work out either. He's just an average kind of guy. He's around 170 lbs.

Body Type: Hunter gets his body type from his dad, they're just alike. He has muscles built into his genes and his metabolism is on his side, so he's got good luck. He's a sturdy, won't fall over when the wind blows, kind of guy.

Face Type: Hunter has got a little bit of a baby face going on. He's scruffly but not trashy looking, it works for him.

Complexion: His complexion is very even. He gets it from his mom, she's the type of girl that looks like she tans a few times a week to keep her even tan color, but she was born with it. And so was he, he's gets darker in the summer and it just kind of stays year round.

Eyes: Hunter's eyes are probably his best feature. They're the kind of eyes that look like you just polished them. There's a sense of confidents built behind them that people wish they could have. They're ice blue and will melt your heart when he smiles at you.

Hair: Chestnut brown, always kept short. Not like you see it anyway, Hunter always has his Bob's Bait Shop hat on.

Clothing style: His clothing style is like any guy, it's relaxed. He wears jeans and boots everyday with either a t-shirt or sweatshirt. He's not much for dressing up, but will for an occasion.

Speaking style: His speaking style is short and to the point when it needs to be. But if you strike up a conversation with him or he's having a bad day he'll go on and on about nothing.

General demeanor: Easy going. That's probably the best way to describe Hunter. He never wants confrontation, and is never looking for a fight. He can make friends with anyone and talk to anyone. It's one of his best qualities.

Career: Right now he works at the bait shop making some extra money but that's not what he's going to do his whole life. He's just unsure right now.

Prejudices: Hunter comes from a church going family, almost every Sunday. There isn't many excuses to get out of it, and he doesn't understand why everyone isn't like that. He wonders if everyone would go, if there wouldn't be so much hate and crimes all the time. He doesn't voice his opinion about this much but all his friends and family go, everyone in the town does and that's just what he's used to.

Best Qualities: Hunters best qualities are honesty, loyalty, and friendliness. He would never lie to you, no matter who you are. He's as loyal as a dog and that comes from being around family and being really close with them. And he's just a friendly guy, a guy everyone wants to know.

Worst qualities: He doesn't have many bad qualities but he's not sure about a lot of things. He doesn't know what he wants to do. He wants to stay at home and close, but he doesn't know if that's the way he's supposed to feel. He also isn't the smartest kid at school, he graduated and everything but he just got by. He's not very concerned with grades and his GPA.

Weaknesses: Hunters main weakness is that he's stubborn. He knows where he wants to be, he already knows who he can trust. He knows that if you aren't a loyal person, he doesn't want to be around you.
Hobbies: There's not much to do in Breeze but him and his friends find things to do. They like to have big fires behind his barn, and go four wheeling, and there's a Maid Rite in town so that's kind of the hang out spot. He goes with the flow, wherever his friends are he'll be there too.
Talents: Hunter doesn't have a lot of talents... but he is good at a lot of things. His main thing is fish flock to him. When all his friends go fishing when they get new free stuff from the Bait Shop, he's always the first to catch one. He's good at frying them and having fish frys too.