anime zapp!!
It was Friday, January 15, 2011. The Con was Saturday. I had twelve hours to complete my Hidan costume for Anime Zapp at the Peoria Holiday Inn City Center it was going to last from 9:30 in the morning till what I was hoping to be at till like midnight for the rave, so I could dance with my newly acquired friend, Amanda Kayy. But no such luck. But I should’ve known that my luck would not hold, even for this night. But from the time we came to the place untill we left was good enough for me. I had fun for the most part, even if I was trying to avoid Amanda’s boyfriend. He’s something I’m not gonna get into right now. I had my picture taken 30 times by 25-30 people. I first got bombarded as soon as I got there; maybe it was because I was the only one who had their whole face and part of their chest painted. It might’ve been partly due to the fact that my character called for the painting of the head and chest area. I played ninja tag as a ninja, but putting the makeup on was not very fun. In fact, is sucked… a lot. But I got challenged to a sing off on Rockband to a bunch of songs. Not to brag, but I won all of them except a few when the pitch was not in my area or when I had to strain my voice for the song "My Curse" by Killswitch Engage. I had a battle with a sword and it was the best time ever. I love that place and I would like to go to the one called Acen in May that’s taking place in Chicago, and I would like to see all my friends go with me.

This is my second memoir.

The Gauntlet of Third Grade

It was in the third grade. I had just finished my pizza, and it was time for recess. I went outside to the soccer field to play catch with some fourth and fifth graders, when a bunch of people I didn’t know swarmed around me. There was this kid that was just walking nonchalantly towards me. I didn’t know what he was going to do, but he was still walking towards me, and then he took off toward me in a dead sprint. There was nothing else I could do but run, so I ran at him with all the power my third grade legs could muster up. We both stopped short of each other by six feet, and then he started to walk away so I turned my back to him. Big mistake on my part, but an even bigger mistake on his. Because I had my eye on him even after I turned my back to him, I knew he would try to spear me any chance he could get. Messing with me was not smart. I didn’t even know why he would want to attack me, so the fighting commenced. Somehow before we started I screamed, “The Gauntlet hath been Throweth down come at me if you be man enough.” He charged at me and I ran at him dead on. He kicked at me, so I grabbed his leg and tossed him aside, but he lands on his feet like a cat before he could regain his bearings, my fist landed a very good hit to his jaw and he landed on his back, and didn’t get up for a minute or two. Then the teacher told the other kid to get in the school, and I didn’t get into trouble but he got three days. After he came back he walked up and said to me, “you fight well for a white kid.” I said to him, “thanks Xavier, I think.” He replied “best buds?” And I say “yup, best buds.” and we have been ever since.

I like to read books
My favorites is about ancient gods and goddesses
It is interesting to me!

Video games
Video games are a fun time
You really need to use your head
It prepares you for wars

My dog
I had a dog once
But he is in a better place
I will see him again

I like to eat pizza
It goes good with a soul drink
Like mtn. dew or Dr. Pepper

I like to drive fast
I could be a pro NASCAR driver
Even though I hate NASCAR

Music for the soul
I like hearing loud music
I can get lost in a song
With a good catchy beat.

Running is good for you
It’s one thing I look forward to do
On a every day basis

I love to sleep
I do it until noon on the weekend
Just don’t get too much

Don’t blink for a second
If you do life will swim by
You’ll be none the wiser

You all have good friends
You can always count on to help
So don’t let them go

1. Where were you born?
I was born in Peoria IL. And I lived there until I was about 13 or 14 and I met my best bro there in third grade we were like two peas in a pod. We were inseparable; you couldn't find a moment when we weren’t laughing.

2. Is your room/house clean?
That reminds me I need to clean it it’s been like 10 thousand years (well not that long, maybe like 2 weeks, but it seems longer) my mom is always nagging for me to clean it, because hey, my rooms small, one dirty sock makes it seem like a landfill. Simile But I can’t complain, at least it keeps me busy every day.

3. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Well to be honest i drive a 1996 purple dodge minivan that I call "The Grape Ape" Imagery it’s as old as my younger sister and still going strong, my philosophy is: "that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it" but it doesn’t always work that way.

4. Do you believe that everyone deserves a second chance? Why or why not?
Yes I do because if they can prove themselves to you that they deserve a second chance, then why not
Give it to them. It's like a Japanese proverb that says: fall down seven, stand up eight, which means no matter how hard they fall or how much they fail, put yourself in their shoes, because it shouldn’t matter what they do, because everyone should forgive and forget.

5. Describe your best friend.
Well my best friend is black with a perm that seems to have a mind of its own, because it attacked me one night and tried to kill me with a machete (Personification).He’s about my height, but not as handsome as me. He has lean muscle that can't compete with my bulging mass of strength (and my pro-ness), but he’s also very lean, which is odd because he eats as much as me (and that’s saying something if he can eat as much as me and not get fat) and he only weighs about 145 pounds (lucky).

6. If abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive? Explain.
By Zeus' Beard I would tame the Wild with Tazer the Tiger! (Alliteration). I would use Tazer to hunt down my pray with me on his back (and with a little help of Thor and Odin and all the Norse Gods to smite them! And then claim my victory.

Name: Striker Kilburn

A.K.A Kill Strike

Biography: He lives in the land of the Dragons it’s the actual name of the county he is a Dragoon Seer which Dragoon is the name for a dragon rider and seer means, he lives and dies for the dragons and they the same but at the time he doesn’t know he’s a Dragoon Seer

Age: Striker Kilburn is age 16 two more years till adulthood

Height: Striker is about 5’11”

Weight: Striker is about 180 Zekas which is about 225 Pounds on Earth

Body Type: he’s pretty strong but he can only lift 150 Zekas which is 195 Pounds on Earth, he’s muscular but not as much as he would like to be.

Face type: he’s got some chiseled features like his jaw bones and his chin but he still has some baby fat in his cheeks.

Complexion: he’s a mixture of olive and honey brown.

Eyes: his eyes are Jade Green with a soft yet sturdy look

Hair: His hair is long white with blue at the tips. In which the hair color shows your status in the Land of the Dragons.

Clothing Style: he wears a toga the same color as his hair white with blue tips at the bottom.

Speaking style: he’s short sweet and to the point.

General Demeanor: he doesn’t care much about anyone else but his own, because he’s been on his own since he was 11. He kind of acts like he’s not there but when he wants to be seen you’ll know.

Career: Thief.

Prejudices: He hates when people go easy on him he likes challenges.

Best Qualities: None that he can think of.

Worst Qualities: Takes things to seriously, his ego is to big.

Weakness: The damsel in distress.

Hobbies: stealing.

Talent: an expert fist fighter, good with a sword, and a smooth talker.