Summer sand tickling my feet,

Blades of grass stroking my bare skin as I run through it,

Water flowing around my body

Breathing life down into my spine

Caring, Loving, Sharing

10 Questions
1. How do you feel right now?
My eyelids are falling down. They are closing, the last evidence of my wakefulness, and make my exhaustion obvious. As soon as I head to my bed the sleepiness disappears, but when I start doing homework it comes creeping up my spine. My thoughts wander further away. I’m pleased with the day filled with joyous moments, and it’s time to go to bed.

2. Look around. Describe what you see.
On the edge and far corner of my desk sits a vase of flowers. They are laughing like a cheerful child. (Simile) Colors of lime, orange, and lavender cover the leaves. They spread a fresh aroma across the room that makes my nose tickle. When it’s bed time they huddle up together and wait until the sun rises, when they wake up again. (Personification)

3. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
My vehicle has been drug through miles of foot high snow. Blizzard storms and muddy roads have made it rusty. Even though its shiny days are long gone, it serves it purposes and carries me wherever I wish. After months and years of hard work, my bike finally gets some rest while I’m here in the U.S. (Personification)

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Being ambitious and enthusiastic is the most important part of work for me. When I finish school I’m going to save the world! I want to improve the environment and educate people about global warming. Working and living with others that love what they’re doing is my dream.

5. What noises do you hear right now.
Sparkles from the TV down stairs shiver the air. When it hits my ears my brain wakes up, and it takes the whole night to recover from it. (Hyperbole) It’s distracting and yet so appealing. From the other side of the wall I can hear giggles and soft whispers, the volume following the echoes from downstairs.

6. I can’t live without ___.
Exercise shapes my life. Without it my existence would feel pointless. I would be unconscious and unfocused, unable to use my brain. All my creativity and passion is lost when I don’t let my energy out. Motionless moments have no meaning to me. (Alliteration)

7. What’s the most memorable moment of your life?
On January 1st it’s not warm to be situated in ice-covered water in the Chicago area. However, that was the day I jumped into Lake Michigan. Feeling the water against my delicate ivory skin, killing every brain cell in my head (Hyperbole) was the most fantastic moment of my life.

8. You’re on death row and you get to choose your last meal. Describe your choice.
Flour, salt and water mixed together in a batter and fried with fat pork makes my last meal. It’s most delicious when topped with blackcurrant jam from the woods of Sweden, and without it it’s a total mess. I normally hate fried food and would rather eat crushed worms instead (Hyperbole), but my brother’s Swedish dish beats it all. (But honestly I probably wouldn’t eat anything at all.)

9. Describe your favorite toy or game you played as a kid.
My doll Emma has a bald, chalk-painted head after years of torture. The problem with my education had nothing to do with her not being cared after or loved. Since I constantly feed my baby doll with oatmeal, she has lost her eyelashes and looks similar to a primordial monkey. (Hyperbole) (Simile) It appeared to me later that dolls can’t sustain good-looks when they’re constantly getting drying oatmeal tucked into their eyes.

10. Describe your best friend.
Ellen’s two avocado colored eyes fulfill her entire appearance and lift everybody else’s glance to her butterfly eye lashes. (Imagery) She is sweet as a kitten when she is on her good side, but turns to her grown up figure, scratching her way as she gets mad. (Simile) She’s the most stubborn friend I have. But nevertheless does she care dearly about others and loves everybody through her furious manner; she fight for their rights.

11. Who is the cartoon character that you most resemble? Explain the similarities.
I’m Sandy Cheeks in Spongebob Squarepants. My home is in a totally different place than I’m used to being in; I’m meeting people with other views and customs, plus I feel great being where I am! I have fussy fur, laughing smiles, and I love the water!

Character Creation 

Name: James Otto Hansen, called Jam after the incident with the raspberry jam spilled on his English teacher in Elementary school; he wasn’t supposed to bring it into the classroom.

Biography: After the mischievous event, he immediately started trying every possible challenge in the rural town where he grew up. Thanks to his creativity he didn’t only get through with it, but he also developed a fascinating imagination. When he grew up he wanted to become a fire fighter, for the adventure of it, but ended up as craftsman for a big jewel company. He’s now a single, old man. He enjoys it; no woman would ever make him any good because of his incredulous, independent character.

Age: He’s in the late thirties; he believes he has decided his life's faith, never doubting he has made the right decision.

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: Heavy because of his height, 210 pounds.

Body type: He’s naturally thin and works out, but nevertheless he does love food and has a grumpy beer belly.

Face type: His wrinkles soften the sharp draws in his slim face, and make him a lot nicer than he actually is.

Complexion: The blue undertone reveals how his milk-like skin burns as soon as he gets out in the sun.

Eyes: He’s spruce green colored eyes makes the women fall around him, and reflects his courageous nature.

Hair: Baby-red, slightly orange, but with a darker undertone. His dad bought him an abominable wig, in fear that he would also lose his hair early, as his dad did, which he wears as a joke when he visits.

Clothing Style: Always a pair of worn out jeans, and a crazy-t-shirt.

Speaking Style: He loves making jokes and makes other people laugh, which makes him a hilarious talker and entertainer. When he tells his fabulous stories, he captures the listeners. He talks light and interested, listens to others, but likes to have control over the conversation.

General Demeanor: Thanks to his humor, he is a outgoing person that any social person would love to talk to.

Career: craftsman and crazy travel organizer.

Prejudices: He doesn’t have the patience to wait for slowpokes or people that don't want to be involved in his adventures. Even though he’s used to it, he think they all are boring with no vitality.

Best qualities: Creative, lively, and takes every chance to have a fun life that he possibly can.

Worst qualities: He’s so independent that he can’t relate and care about others.

Weaknesses: Because of his desperate need to achieve new goals and take on new challenges, he doesn’t know when to stop.

Hobbies: Working out, hanging out with friends (btw, they are getting less and less), motorcycling, traveling, and doing impulsive things.

Talents: He knows all the most horrifying activities you can do, and has tried them all. He’s also knows everything about the nature around him, and is an amazing jewel maker.