Table of Content

Chapter One: Practice Makes Perfect

Chapter Two: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Chapter Three: How Many Fingers am I Holding Up?

Chapter Four: We are the Champions, My Friends

Chapter Five: Here I Come High School, Lookout!

Chapter Six: Rest in Piece

Chapter Seven: Three of a Kind

Chapter Eight: Sweet Home Alabama

Chapter Nine: Stay Off the Roads!

Chapter Ten: A Full House

Chapter 2: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

It was a cold snowy day in December, and my dad gave my mom one job to do. She had to go in the garage, and go up to the attic to get the Christmas decorations out for the season. Normally my dad does this, but this year he had to work on his day off because he had to bring home the big bucks to prepare for Christmas, so he left my mom to pick up his slack. My twin sister Hannah and I, were nine and felt like we had to follow my mom everywhere she went, so we went into the garage to play while waiting on my mom.

We watched my mom climb slowly up the old and creaky ladder that led up to the scary and gross smelling attic. Apparently my mom missed the important memo of stepping on the boards you are supposed to step on in the attic, instead of stepping on the thin platform layer between the boards. As soon as she stepped in the wrong place, I saw my mom’s foot stick through the ceiling of the garage. Before I knew it, her entire body was dangling above me while she held on to a wire for dear life. I let out a horrible scream. She looked like an angel flying down from heaven.

Finally, my mom’s body hit the ground, even though the counter full of tools and knick knacks was a big obstacle. She was entirely out of breath so she could hardly spit out for me to call my grandpa. But me being the smart nine year old kid that I was, I understood and dialed him up. Turns out he was already in town at the firehouse because he was a firefighter at the time, and when I told him the unbelievable truth about what happened, he ran the three blocks to my house instead of driving his truck. He saw my mother lying on the ground out of breath, and he was also having a hard time breathing because of his morning run.

He decided that Mom was going to be ok, but she had to go to the hospital anyways. I will never forget seeing my mom fall through the attic that chilly day. Now my mom won’t step foot into our attic and says that she never will since, what goes up, must come down.



Chapter 3: How Many Fingers am I Holding Up?

I was 11, the sun was hot, and I was covered in sweat from a summer softball game. My sisters were miserable because they had to sit in the heat to “cheer” on their little sister. You can imagine how happy they were that the game was finally over. I walked out of the dugout and the first person I looked for was my mom. She sat in the bleachers texting someone, and her face wore a sign that said panicked on it. With my softball bag on my back and my empty water jug in hand, I trudged over to my mom. My sisters thought they were too cool to sit near my mom, so they walked over from where they were sitting, too.

When we all got into the car, I asked my mom what was wrong. She said that she would tell us when we got home, and not to worry about it. Finally, after a long and uncomfortable ride, we reached our humble abode. Then Mom let out what she had been holding in. My father had an accident at work and managed to cut off his finger. He was running a table saw, and his hand got caught up in the machine. He actually cut off three of his fingers, but the doctors saved two of them. He ended up only being without his ring finger. With all of this news swirling around in my head, I immediately felt like I might puke, but thankfully my stomach was empty. Then my mom said she had to go to the hospital ASAP. My sisters and I started to cry, but then my mom told us that he was ok, and the worst was over.

My grandma came over to watch us and calm us down. She had the perfect touch to keep us grounded. Eventually my dad got to come home, even though he wasn’t himself because of all the drugs the doctor had put him on. We kept all sharp objects away from him, just as a precaution. He now has a healed nub of a finger, and I can’t picture him any other way. To this day he cannot count past nine and a half, but we love him anyway.




1.) What kind of vehicle do you drive?
I drive a Rodeo Isuzu, which it seems only i have heard of. It is a forest green, which i have come to love more than i thought i would. I received this wonderful vehicle 6 months after my birthday, which i am very thankful i even got at all. Love you Mom and Dad:).
2.) What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want do be a speech pathologist, which helps children with their speaking skills. I am not going to lie, i like how much money this occupation receives. I would be the seeing dollar signs left and right if i stuck to it (Hyperbole).
3.) What noises do you hear right now?
Right now, i hear my ipod playing a song called Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard. This is one of my favorite songs, and when i want to get my mind off of things, my shuffle tends to always lead me to this song. It is my form of an escape.
4.) I cant live without_.
Facebook, and getting the down low on everything. It is constantly calling my name as soon as i walk through the door (Personification). I don't think i am the only one addicted, but i might be a few stages ahead of people in this specific addiction.
5.) What is your biggest flaw?
My biggest flaw is definitely be my soft sensitive side, because i take everything to heart (Alliteration). I got this from my dad, and it is just how our personalities are. I think I would rather be sensitive than not sensitive enough, though.
6.) When the phone rings who do you want it to be?
I would love to hear Ryan Reynold's voice on the other end of the line. He is the best eye candy you can get. I would be complete if this were to ever happen to me.
7.) What's the most memorable moment in your life?
It is not a happy moment, but it is something i will never forget. The death of my grandparents. Unfortunately they died within less than a year of each other, and i was devastated. My house was like a pond, overflowing with tears when they left us(Similie).
8.)You're on death row now and you get to choose your last meal. Describe your choice.
Hands down i would choose my mom's homemade red beans with rice and pork. It may sound unappetizing, but it is absolutely mouth watering. I would die happy with that being the last thing in my belly.
9.) If abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive? Explain.
I might survive for a few days, but the bugs, sneaky animals, and food loss would most likely be enough to do me in. I am not brave enough to do something risky like wrestle a bear for a fish in order to save my life (Image). I would let the bear win.
10.) Describe your best friend.
Her name is Courtney, and she is about 5'2 on a good day. She has always been there for me, and she knows that i am there for her. Courntey, Hannah and Me are 3 of a kind. We are always together, and i am glad to have her by my side.

Character Creation

NAME: Landon Reynolds (Lando)
BIOGRPAHY: Landon lives in Montgomery, Alabama and this is also where he was born. He has a younger brother Kodi, and they get along pretty good. Landon lifeguards during the summer at a local pool. His dad left the family, but Kodi and he get along good with their mother. Landon has one really close best friend named Mikey, and share a fun filled summer together.
AGE:17 years old
WEIGHT: 170 lbs
BODY TYPE: Long limbs and tall frame, and also stays in good shape. Landon is pretty solid and can hold his own.
FACE TYPE: Prominant features, and looks older than 17 years old.
COMPLEXION: Lando is golden tan because he works at the pool during the summer.
EYES: They are bright green with a stern look, just like his mom's eyes.
HAIR: A sandy blonde, bleached from the sun.
CLOTHING STYLE: Landon is always in a cut-off t-shirt and either swimming trunks or blue jean shorts.
SPEAKING STYLE: Talks very polite to everyone because that is how he was raised. He is very short and to the point.
GENERAL DEMEANOR: Comes across as shy, but nice. Usually keeps to himself and stays out of the way.
CAREER: Lifeguards at the local pool during the summer.
PREJUDICES: Landon hates when his little brother won't stop biting his nails.
BEST QUALITIES: Genuine, protective, laid back, and smart.
WORST QUALITIES: Shy, unorganized, and puts up a wall.
WEAKNESSES: His dad isn't around, so he has a hard time talking about it. He also doesn't go out of his way to talk to someone.
HOBBIES: Lando likes to play beach volleyball, read, and hangout with Mikey when he isn't at work.
TALENTS: He is able to wiggle his ears