Chapter Titles

1. New places
2. Friends become strangers
3. weathering the storm
4. Now an only child
5. happy family, happy children
6. body set on self-destruct
7. at home in a Mazda
8. people skills?
9. Bright light turned dark
10. Open the doors

Open the Doors

We all tend to get set in our own ways, myself more than others. I tend to shut most people out for reasons I really don’t understand. I keep to myself, not by choice really, more by habit. I don’t seek a life of stagnation, but the waters often cease to flow. Then one day a strong wind came to move the water. I made a new friend unexpectedly at lunch one day. I had gotten tired of sitting alone. From an instant I felt drawn to this individual. I never did quite understand how magnets worked. Through this new remarkable friend I opened up. It seemed that I made bounds in a friendship that usually would have taken me years to develop. She didn’t have to break through my walls, I felt right letting her in. Not only did I gain friendship with her, but she also introduced me to her friends. Within a matter of weeks my small group of friends had nearly doubled, giving me hope for developing future relationships more easily. I began to welcome the changes that were approaching. I allowed the oncoming train to hit me head on. The stale air of my life had gained new breath. She taught me that I could let myself out there. Life wasn’t meant to be spent in isolation. If I am myself I will be accepted by those that are worth my time, and the trustworthy will stay.

Weathering the Storm

When most people think back to 5th grade they tend to think about playing basketball with their friends, family vacations, or recess at the school yard. I however, tend to think of this as the time when I became the only child. My Oldest sister Stacy was preparing to go to college having graduated school a few months prior. We prepared ourselves for her departure. My other sister Holly who is 6 years older than me would have been a senior in high school. She had been more distant this year and seems to alienate herself from the family. It seemed like we all had the plague as she tried to avoid contracting the virus. Her behavior got even worse when she started seeing an older guy a few months into her sophomore year. He was an alright guy, but he also seemed to bring out the worst in her. She began to fail her classes because of the late nights when she wouldn’t come home. The little amount we had seen her before was dashed in half. This further stressed my parents who already had to deal with Stacy leaving the home. Then the storm came and destroyed the family dwelling. She ran away to live with her boyfriend. My parents tried to chase after her. Holly threatened them, she said she would claim abuse if my parents went after her. My parents decided to let her go; we couldn’t afford the legal fees. The storm left a family in shambles left to pick up the pieces. It took many years to rebuild, similar to how long it took for rebuilding efforts in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina. 8 years have passed, the wounds are scaring over. Time heals all wounds, but sometimes new roads must be made. Relationships were severed and will never be the same. They can however be built stronger and longer than the previous road. For the first time my sister is in my life, we were never close in years prior. It was a long journey but we made it. Just as in our family vacations I will always have a seat between my sisters.

Ten questions

1. Is your room/house clean? Every inch of the floor is covered in clothes. In the morning, I am always indecisive about what to wear. My room is not exactly dirty, everything has it place. My possessions are packed in boxes and hidden in drawers. I do not like clutter, and I keep things simple.
2. What kind of car do you drive? My car is plagued with dents and scratches. My car has the multi-colored body of a barnyard cat. (personification) It growls loudly when you stomp your foot to the floor. The hubcaps reflect like eyes in the darkness. (simile) Lots of parts of it are broken or rusted, but it’s okay. I like a car with character.
3. You’re on death row and you get to choose your last meal. Describe your choice. If I were on death row and receiving my last meal, I would try to eat as much sugar as possible. Who cares about going into a coma when I am about to be euthanized. Marshmallow peeps, Twix, brownies, strawberry ice cream, and angel food cake would make my list. The foods I never get to enjoy now, only when death is approaching could I let myself loose of the dietary restrictions I set.
4. If abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive? Explain. I think that if I were abandoned in the wilderness that I could survive, depending on the season and tools allotted. If I had a knife I would be able to set traps and kill animals, not to be graphic. If I were thrown into the wilderness in the winter months, I would surely die. In the summer though, I would be able to find herb, grasses and berries to survive on, and also build a shelter from sticks and logs.
5. Describe your best friend. My best friend is an odd individual. She tends to make weird noises and act without thinking. She has instincts like an animal. Her quirks and ticks are what make her like no one else.
6. What’s your biggest flaw? I am a procrastinator. My house could be burning down and I would wait to spring into action. (hyperbole) Assignments delayed, dishes not washed, daydreaming in class. I need to get in gear, but the transmission is slipping.
7. What noises do you hear right now? I hear the whine of the computers. The clacking of keys sounds like a horse trotting the pavement. (personification) The copier expresses its distaste for life with hums and groans. And the annoying chatters of a kid who has clearly eaten too much sugar.
8. When the phone rings who do you want it to be? When my phone chimes I would prefer that it be one of my friends. I want to go on an adventure away from my house. Maybe we could go to the mall, where we pass the vendors selling ghetto bling, and smell the sweet aroma of soft pretzels baking.
9. How do you feel right now? I feel like I am ice melting in the sun. I am so bored, yet I have so much to do. I want to be home making tacos with my friends.
10. I can’t live without ___. Oxygen is something I could never live without. It fills my lungs. Without oxygen my very blood would cease to flow. It is almost like we were meant to breathe it.

Character Creation
Name: Lloyd Wayneright
Biography: Lloyd is an insurance salesman living in Charleston, South Carolina. He formerly lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his foul natured ex wife Susan. He has lived in Charleston for 5 years now; He has a few close friends, but spends most of his time and money on online gambling sites.
Age: 33
Height: 5’8
Weight: He is around 190 pounds, he is slightly chubby.
Body type: He has an un-sculpted body; with skinny legs and arms.
Face Type: He has a slightly pudgy face and small squinty eyes.
Complexion: he has very pale skin that is plagued with freckles.
Eyes: He has pale green eyes with dark brown around the pupils. He looks rather shifty.
Hair: He has a dingy red hair, unless it is in the light where it burns bright.
Clothing Style: During the work week He often wears tan pants a long sleeve shirt, on his down time he usually wears a grey or blue tee-shirt and blue jeans.
Speaking Style: he is rather soft spoken, and insecure when speaking with others.
General Demeanor: He comes across as a bit of a freak, or evil genius. He rarely approaches others and keeps to himself.
Career: Lloyd is an insurance salesman at “Quad care Insurance”
Prejudices: Lloyd despises authority figures, mostly because he has always been walked all over.
Best Qualities: He is rather smart, Sly, and cunning.
Worst Qualities: He is very closed off, and has anger issues.
Weaknesses: He has a very hard time respecting authority; he often does vengeful things to those that have wronged him.
Hobbies: He gambles a lot, not always losing.
Talents: He is a mathematical genius.