Table Of Contents

Chapter One: Where In the World is Assumption?

Chapter Two: Moving On Up!

Chapter Three: Why Do We Have A Gremlin Living In Our House?

Chapter Four: I Now Pronounce You Mr. and Mrs. Wright

Chapter Five: Bring On the Roller Coasters

Chapter Six: Done With Middle School.. Whats Next?

Chapter Seven: Sombreros, 38 People, and Mexican Food?

Chapter Eight: The Underclassman Years

Chapter Nine: One Big Italian Family!

Chapter Ten: Now I'm Driving Solo

Chapter Eleven: Finally An Upperclassman

Chapter 3: Why Do We Have A Gremlin Living In Our House?
Our shih tzu Lola. Yes, she looks like a Gremlin

April 1st, 2008 was just an ordinary day. After school I got in the car to head to my grandma and grandpa’s house after a long day of eighth grade. Because I could not drive yet, I would usually go over there after school and I would stay until my parents picked me up. As 5:30 rolled around I got my heavy book bag ready and began to sit and wait. The time had come and gone and I started to wonder where they were. A car pulled in and my mom walked in with a coat in her hand, which I thought was strange because it was April and it was nice outside. It looked pretty sneaky and I began to wonder what was under that coat.
I was starting to get suspicious. After waiting for what seemed like forever. My mom lifted up the coat and underneath was a tiny red-haired shih-tzu puppy that could fit in the palm of your hand. Her eyes were sleepy, her fur all fluffy, and her tail poufy and long. I instantly knew she was the perfect fit, I always wanted a dog, and the day had finally come. We left my grandma and grandpa’s and headed home. I texted my sister Michelle to tell her, but she already knew. Earlier that week my grandma began telling me my parents were looking to get a puppy, but I didn’t really think it would happen. While we were in the car heading home we began to think of some names. My sister said snuggles; I don’t really know why I said Lily. We came up with a lot of other names, but the one that caught our attention was Lola. While in the car Lola wasn’t really up for anything; she just laid there sleepy and snoring. To this day she still snores. Finally we got home and began showing Lola her new home. Lola loved being held and when you would hold her she would put her head on your arm and fall asleep. The day we got her she wasn’t really up for playing all she wanted to do was sleep. That night Lola was going to sleep in my room in her crate that we got from my grandma and grandpa. That didn’t work out because I would try to go to sleep and she would sit in her crate and start to cry because she wanted out. Scratching at the crate with her little furry paws, she kept crying and crying until my mom and dad came and got her to let her out. Now she never sleeps in my room with me because she probably remembers I put her in the crate when she was little and didn’t let her out. When we got her, people would come over and say she looked like all sorts of things. People would say she looks like Gizmo the gremlin, an Ewoks from Star Wars, and she was even called part cat because she jumps on tables and climbs all over. Since we got Lola she has been spoiled from the start. Lola thinks she is bigger than she is; she acts like she is our watch dog and tries to scare away big dogs, but when they come at her she whines, gets low to the ground, or just runs. Lola has changed our lives and she is the best dog anyone could ask for.

This was the day that everyone waited for in eighth grade. My best friends stayed the night before so we all could be ready for the day filled with excitement. It was about 5:15 when we rolled out of bed, and wondered why we were up this early and why we didn’t go to bed earlier. About 5:45 we packed up in the car and headed up to the school. When we got to the school we loaded up the charter bus and were ready for a three hour bus ride. Our goal was to ride all or as many roller coasters as we could. Also we were hoping that we could ride the Dark Knight Ride that was opening that day. There I was sitting next to Hannah talking about what we were going to ride first and how much fun we were going to have. In Springfield we stopped at McDonalds to eat and the one thing I do remember about that stop was Ryan pulling the chair out from Trevor and getting in trouble by the teachers. After everyone finished we got back on the road, and watched movies and talked to pass the time. When we finally got to Chicago we headed to the zoo. There wasn’t much to do at the zoo so everyone walked around waiting until they said it was time to get on the bus again to head to Six Flags. Finally, it was time. We began getting back on the bus and the real fun was going to begin. Looking out the window I could see the huge roller coasters and other crazy rides we were about to go on. The first ride I saw was the Superman roller coaster where you lay on your stomach; I couldn’t wait to try it out. We ran through the entrance and jumped in line for the King Chaos, a ride that would take you upside down, flip you around, and makes it look like you were going to hit the ground. From there, we walked around and stopped at rides here and there. The lines filled with eighth graders from other schools hoping to get to ride everything. We then walked by Kenzie, who was looking miserable on the bench with the teachers because she wasn’t feeling too good. We wished she could enjoy this experience with us. We started running to the ride since the park was so big, half the time we didn’t know where we were. Here and there we would see some of our classmates in their dark green shirts. Then we found the craziest ride Vertical Velocity. This ride is a big yellow roller coaster ride that twisted in the air and then went backwards and straight up. The highest speed is about 70 miles per hour. We could hear people scream and see their reactions as they took off. I was kind of nervous at first, but in the end it was one of the best rides. The day was coming to an end so we tried to fit in as many rides as we could. Unfortunately, we only rode four out of the nine roller coasters and didn’t get to try the Dark Knight Ride. When the park started to close we headed back on the bus for a long ride home. It was a great trip that I will never forget.

Survey Says....

1.) How do you feel right now?

February 25, 2011 I am happy. I am mostly happy because it is the end of the school day and that it is a Friday. Which means the weekend is here, sleeping in and staying up late.

2.) What kind of vehicle do you drive (or if you don’t have a vehicle what kind do you wish you drove)?
Right now I drive a little white 4 door Ford Escort. This was my first car it given to me by my parents about two months after I turned sixteen. The car is in good shape, it may not be my dream car but it gets me where I need to go.

3.) What do you want to be when you grow up?
I haven't really made up my mind, but I really want to being in a field with fashion. I think fashion design would be a really fun thing to do. You get to travel around the world seeing new places and meeting new people. Since I love fashion I believe this would be a job that I would love to go to everyday.

4.) What noises do you hear right now.
Right now I hear people talking to each other. I can hear my keys as I type this whole answer. I sometimes can hear Rachel listening to her music. Rachel is now singing her Justin Bieber songs to Kenzie.The printer printing paper (alliteration) is another sound that I heard but that sound slowly went away.

5.) I can't live without
I can’t live without my friends, family, and my phone. My friends are always there for me, we used to call ourselves H.A.W.K.L.Q standing for Hannah, Allie, Whitney, Kenzie, Lyndsey, and Quincy. Hannah, Allie, Whitney, Kenzie and I used to pack up our bags full of rocks (hyperbole)and head to St. Louis in the summer to go to Six Flags, always having great stories that we sometimes talk about to this day. I am happy to have friends like them. My family is another thing I can’t live without. They are always helping and I don’t know what I would do without them. Even though I don’t always get to see my other family members all the time like my aunts, uncles, and cousins we still keep in touch and try to make a time to see each other. Last my phone it is usually glued to my hand like a magnet stuck on the fridge (Simile).

6.) When the phone rings who do you want it to be?
If my phone were to ring right now, I would want it to be someone famous or one of my family members that I haven't seen in a while. Someone like Ryan Reynold or Bradley Cooper would be a smile to my face. Any one from the Jersey Shore cast like Pauly D or Ronnie because they are so funny and seem very friendly. Or maybe a baseball player like Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, or Colby Rasmus because they are my favorites from the Cardinals. If a family member could call me right now I would want it to be either my cousin Maggie who lives in Georgia or my cousin Hallie who I haven't seen in 7 years since she lives in Brazil. I miss being around them and all the fun times we used to share when they came to visit.

7.) What’s the most memorable moment of your life?
One of my most memorable moments would have to be when about 38 of us, went to Mexico for a huge summer vacation. After getting of the plane and seeing about ten people piling in to a huge van with the hot sun beating down (Imagery). Some people might say that going on vacation with 38 people is crazy, but this vacation was never a boring moment especially when we were all together.

8.) You’re on death row and you get to choose your last meal. Describe your choice.
It would probably be my grandma's chicken and noodles. Whenever she makes them they call my name (personification). They are so good and she always lets me know when she is making them. Her chicken noodles are probably the best that I have had.

9.) Describe your favorite toy or game as a kid.
I would have to say my favorite toy was my American Girl dolls. I had two of them, one that was supposed to look like me and one of the originals which was Josephina. I always loved playing with them and I would always be excited to get new outfits and things for them when I was younger. My sister and I had a huge Rubbermaid container that would overflow with all our American Girl clothes.

10.) Describe your best friend.
My bestfriend Whitney is athletic and very funny. She has brown hair and is about 5'5". She throws discus and shot in track and is very good at it. Whenever we are together we are always laughing and having fun. I don't know what I would do without her.

Character Creation

NAME: Brock Moretti (Bro)
BIOGRAPHY: Brock was born and raised in Los Angeles California, his mother is a famous fashion designer and his father is a famous actor. Brock goes to a local school where everyone sees him as a normal kid and works at a local ice cream shop to earn some extra cash. Brock's has a younger sister Kendall and they get along most of the time. His best friends are Ashton and Danny who live in the same suburb as him.
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 155 lbs.
BODY TYPE: He has long arms and legs and likes to out all the time and he says he has a "6 pack".
FACE TYPE: He has a chiseled born structure and looks a little older then he really is.
COMPLEXION: Brock is very tan because he is Italian and usually stays tan for most of the year.
EYES: He has pretty ice blue eyes and they shine in the sun.
HAIR: Brock has dark chestnut brown shaggy hair, thats the same colors as his dads.
CLOTHING STYLE: He likes to dress in t-shirt with jeans or shorts, he is pretty relaxed and falls in the California style of clothing that is usually worn.
SPEAKING STYLE: When he talks it is short and to the point unless he has a long story to tell.
GENERAL DEMEANOR: Brock comes off as easy going and is very friendly with everyone.
CAREER: Brock wants to play in the NFL, he is a the quarterback for his school's football team.
PREJUDICES: He hates when people try to tell him he needs to fill the shoes of his parents, when he wants to pursue his own dream.

BEST QUALITIES: He is funny, smart, and very athletic. He is always making people laugh and loves to play sports.
WORST QUALITIES: He isn't the most organized person in the world and usually has a hard time keeping his room cleaned when his parents tell him too.
WEAKNESSES: His weakness is to tell people about his parents being famous because he wants people to see him for him, not his parents.
HOBBIES: If he isn't working he is usually playing sports for his high school, whether its football, baseball, or basketball.
TALENTS: His talent would be his football skills and his athletic ability.

Picture Poetry

A line from Roses by George Eliot